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Currently, our C4040-129/000-129 online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

An administrator is creating a new connection to an existing system, but cannot connect successfully. Which action will resolve the problem?


An administrator has been asked to install the following PTF packages from DVD.
SF99710 Cumulative PTF Package
SF99627 Electronic Service Agent Group
SF99707 Technology Refresh
SF99708 Group Security
SF99709 Group HIPER
Using Option 8 (Install Program Temporary Fix Package) on the GO PTF menu, how can the administrator install all of the above PTFs in the shortest possible time?


An administrator needs to determine the level of firmware running on an IBM i 7.1 system. How is this done?


A company has acquired a new system to handle data warehousing workload, but its IP address has not yet been added to the DNS server. The administrator added an lP address for this system into host table entry of the local system. When attempting to connect using the host name, the connection fails. Using the IP address to connect works normally. What will resolve this issue?


An administrator wants to ensure a job on the scheduler is ignored if the system is in a restricted state at the time it is scheduled to run. What change will make this occur?


Several IBM i partitions at a customer site provide outdated contact information to IBM when problems are reported. Which command should be used to correct the contact information?


A customer is upgrading an HMC to a new release using Recovery DVD5 for the new release level. Which action must be completed before performing the upgrade from DVD process?


A Power 720 currently has its firmware update policy set to Os Managed. Which statement is correct?


Which statement describes server firmware delivery that uses PTF5 on a POWER7 system?


An administrator maintains four image catalogs on a host partition that are used by network-based virtual optical drives. Periodically, images are added or removed from the catalog and it must be re-exported. What is the simplest method to update the share and NES export?


A disaster recovery test is being performed, using backups from a production system.
The backup process is as follows:
Full system save, using GO SAVE Option 21, for weekly backup
SAVCHGOBJ LIB(*ALL) is used for daily library backup, in addition to DLO and IFS saves
The disaster recovery test is at the point where libraries are ready to be restored Which pair of actions will restore the libraries to the most recent save point, in the minimum amount of time?


A company has just purchased a new POWER7 server running IBM i 7.1 to replace an older system running V5R4M5. Due to a mistake by a programmer on the V5R4 system, data was accidently deleted. To recover, the administrator backs up the deleted data to virtual tape on the 7.1 server and attempts to restore it on the V5R4 server. The restore on the V5R4 server fails with a message stating the data was saved from a more recent release of the operating system. Which option will solve this problem?


An administrator has been asked to update an IBM i 7.1 system to the most current Technology Refresh available from IBM. Which method is the most appropriate to achieve the update?


Due to an application problem, management has requested the IPL of a partition running IBM i 7.1. The administrator initiates the IPL, and during the restart phase notices the IPL is running in manual mode even though the HMC partition settings indicate B NORMAL. Why is the IPL running in manual mode?


Journaling of a large library is running on SYSTEMA and the journal is system managed. Remote journaling to SYSTEMB has been configured. Due to a communications problem between SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB, remote journaling is not working and cannot be quickly restarted. Disk utilization on
SYSTEMA is increasing rapidly. To reduce disk utilization the administrator tries to delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA. Attempts fail and the following message displays: CPF705F: Receiver not replicated to 1 remote journals. What must the administrator do to delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA?


What are the key benefits provided by database journaling?


An administrator needs to restore a physical file DATALIB/SMALLFILE from a Save 21 backup of library DATALIB. DATALIB has several hundred large database files plus other objects. The administrator has the job log and output from the last full save of DATALIB. What should the administrator do to restore SMALLFILE in the shortest time?


The threshold limit has been reached for the system ASP on a system running IBM i 7.1 . There are some disk units configured to a user ASP available. Business continuing policy prevents the administrator from stopping the system. How could the system administrator correct the storage problem in the system ASP?


Which graphical tool will help identity additional details about activity on the system, to isolate the root cause of performance problems?


A batch job runs daily in the QBATCH subsystem with a run priority of 50. The job normally takes an hour to complete and no other batch jobs run during this time. The administrator needs to reduce the run time and requests the run priority be lowered to 40. However1 after the change, run time does not decrease. What is the likely reason that the run time did not decrease?


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C4040-129 is the new exam code of 000-129. It is also important for the visitors to know IBM C4040-129 exam information.

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